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I miss Virgil, hope he returns soon ☹


I miss this 😥

Noooo, I've seen this move so many times. 😝

Looks like  he's taking a scissor kick!


Totally Rocks!

They Didn't have a good year, hopefully, they will get Mourinho to coach them next season.

I don't see a dog in this picture....I must be losing my mind 🤔

The man "Never" ages.





Numero Uno

💋 Have a great day 

Yessssssss You Nailed It!

👍 Nice to see ya back 😉

He's so GREAT!!!!

Great Launch Yesterday 👍

Cute Pup

Oh Boy, if I had a cell phone this would be my cover.  Beautiful

Beautiful Clean Teeth from a dental perspective 😃

He's Cute